By means of simple commands you call your friends,
open the door for your assistant, regulate the lighting
in your rooms or change the channel on TV.
With all these functions, it does not matter whether
you are on the terrace, in the living room or in your bed.
And if, in the evening, you adjust your bed to sleeping position,
close the window, turn off the lights and set  the TV to standby
with the command “good night”, you have  used our comfortable 
macro function. Individual and versatile control options can be
realized with  Easy by Voice®.

               Alter Mann und Pflegekraft








        Lichtschalter-Klinke                    Sprecher-unabhaengig                    Telefon
  • Speaker-independent  
  • Simple voice input via telephone (optional with headphone)  
  • Control across rooms (without visual contact)  
  • Macro-compatible (complex control processes combined)  
  • Any number of commands
  • Help function via voice output on control device
  • Supports radio 443.92 (e.g. Intertechno)
  • Possibility of connecting KNX bus (optional)
  • Possibility of connecting radio bus Gira/Berker/Jung (optional)
  • Integrated telephone function (via control phone – only 1 device needed!)

Kontakt :

Telefon: 0049 6732 930 344